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      I have been in a terrible position where I sit for about 10 hours/day.  I have been having severe lower back and hip pain.  The pain is most severe when transitioning from sitting to standing, right when I fully extend my back.  I can feel the pain in my hips while sitting and its mostly in the front crease and the sides.  I have tried chiropractic as well as massage and pain medication, however none have worked.  Lately I have been getting up every hour to stretch.  Does anyone have any suggestions to help make this pain go away?  It is really affecting my quality of life as well as my workouts.  Thanks in advance.

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      Have you looked at improving your sitting position?
      This is one way to impact the situation as much as you can.
      Would it be possible for you to have a standing desk?
      Here are some episodes that address sitting.
      Why Sitting Wrecks Your Mad Hip Action
      Episode 351: The One Joint Rule
      Episode 276: MobilityWod Google Talk: Desk Bound
      Do a search for episodes about the hip and back pain.
      There are some and ones on MWOD pro that can to address the situation

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      That first video is exactly what I am having trouble with.  I need to really figure out how to alleviate this.  I think I am so far wrecked now though.  I used to have crazy mobility, especially getting atg squatting, now everything in my lower back hurts.  I can feel the inside of my hips burning all day long.

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      AvatarJames Elwin

      Sounds like you’re missing hip flexion and some external rotation. Tight hip flexors result from sitting since the hip is only in about 90 degrees of flexion at most instead of 135. Try doing some hip flexion mobility and some external rotation exercises and see if those help.

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      Thanks for the links.  Now I need to come up with a recovery plan.  I think I may take a few weeks of training off in order to do this.

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      It may be as simple as attaining a lumbar support to retain some lordosis (extended curvature) in the spine while sitting. As a therapist myself, I would also consider deeper tissues, particularly your discs. They act like a water balloon in that compressing one side can form it to bias towards the other. While in most cases a temporary effect, prolonged sustained and/or repetitive motions can cause wear and tear and the remind may not be as effective. KStarr explains it well in his book. Fortunately, if you catch onto it early enough, you can easily reverse the problem by correcting posture and repeated extensions. Think of bending backwards while you’re standing out doing a cobra while lying on your stomach. Performing either every few hours and avoiding a sustained position for too long ought to help. Combining the mobility exercises per the links Kaitlin posted along with repeated extensions (~10-15 reps ) should help you on your way to recovery.

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      Thanks for the response.  I have been doing foam rolling and the couch stretch daily.  I have been correcting my posture while sitting as well as standing to stretch at least every hour.  I have had some relief, however I want the pain to go away totally before going back to CF.  Its really affecting my performance both physically and mentally.

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      Sounds like it is time to move to using a PVC roller.
      Get it cut to whatever length you want.
      You can cut a yoga mat to put around it.
      Starts to get in much better than a foam roller. You need more than foam.
      Identify what will have the most impact and start there.
      Getting started is key.
      You may have alot to work on, but you need to get started to see change.
      Start chipping away at it.

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      AvatarKeith Borg

      Second what Dave said.

      Go get checked out if you are feeling like you can’t get ahead.  The couch wont get your hip capsule or psoas/illiacus/QL or address your rectus femoris stiffness.
      Also hammer on your tspine and for the love of thrusters, stop sitting. Respect your back.  If it feels sketchy and you don’t want to train.  Dont.
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      Thanks for the response kstar.  I have been to the doctor since February and all they have done is prescribed medication that hasnt even helped.  They also suggested I try to strengthen my back.  Rolling out my hips and lower back seems to offer some temporary relief and I am on the second week of a three week break from the gym in order to get this sorted out.  I have been working on myself for about 15-30 minutes a day, I just need to put together a plan because I am really just guessing or trial and error.  I really want to get my mobility back to the way it used to be. 

      I just want to make sure that I am working on the right parts.  My pain I can feel all the time is in my hips (front crease) and lower back at the base of the spine.  Sometimes my quads are really tight and the top of my knees sore.  Any specific pages in the book I should be looking at?

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      devilbones, I am experiencing the exact same thing just now….have you resolved this successfully?

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      I am still working on it.  what I have been doing is stretching my hips and quads.  I also believe the pain comes from the sacroiliac joint.  I only have the pain when I transition from sitting to standing or vice versa.  I have been getting massages a few times a month and using my Teeter Hang-ups.  The pain seems to be going away slowly but my goal this year is to have it gone completely.  It doesnt prevent me from running or lifting weights.  I have seen a spine specialist also and he has cleared me to do all physical activity.  I am going to document my list of exercises, and stretches.  Check out Gary Crowley on youtube also he has some good advice for lower back and hip pain.  Good luck.

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      Two P’s and a T have been my relief. Pilates and Posture and Tumeric tablets.The big mistake I have made was sitting 7-8 hours a day at my work desk with my keyboard pushed away at arms length thus curved spine and aching mid back and hips.Same thing when attempting to stand,almost unable to walk ,arched over shoulder posture and aching back and pelvis pain every day.I do have 7mm short on my left leg after a bone transplant surgery to repair a broken plateau and have had 12 years living with right hip twist and mid back strain.Yes I do use an orthotic in my left shoe to raise the heel.

      Stretching works  

      I am stretching forward and touching the floor with palms down with hip pain that reduces with repeats (this can be done from sitting or standing )initially I could not cope with standing.Various Pilates exercises will strengthen core muscles allowing control to regain of mobility and good walking /sitting posture.
      Pain relief after 3 days on Tumeric tablets have experienced a healthy and most amazing find.
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      I agree that sitting down all day that wreaks havoc on the body. i recently interviewed Steve Maxwell, the kettlebell trainer/Jiu-jitsu champ/mobility guru. He has some good advice to ‘undo’ the sitting – what he call ‘mini-resets’ for the body:

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