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      Jill OrentJill Orent

      I am new to athletics in my adult life. I did a lot of sports and running in highschool but not much since. (I’m almost 42). I want to start running again so I picked up Ready to Run and am reading it right now. I’m maybe a 1/3rd through. My question is I know before even getting started I don’t have good external rotation in the shoulders, I am having problems squatting, I need to work on ankles. The list goes on. Do I need to correct everything before I even get out on the road. I am doing other excersizes (boxing, yoga, weights). It just seems really dawnting and impossible.
      Thanks for your input

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      Hello Jill!

      You certainly don’t need to correct everything before getting started! We are all a work in progress. These resources are designed to optimize performance and address issues as they arise but don’t worry about fixing everything before getting started. Make a checklist of things you would like to work on and just spend a little bit of time each day addressing 1-2 of those from your list at a time. Don’t try and fix everything at once. The most important thing is to keep moving and start exercising.

      TRS Staff

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