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      AvatarMatt Kelly

      Just joined mobilitywod and I am hoping it will help me get to the level of fitness that I want.  Over the last 10 years I have had surgery to repair a ruptured left pec(2004) SLAP tear in left shoulder repair(2007) ruptured right pec(2012) and just had 2nd surgery for a bad tib-fib break(Apr2013) that required a plate and 18 or so screws and repair of the syndesmotic ligament(just had the screw removed Thursday) I believe I can attribute most if not all of these injuries to loss of mobility due to 20 years of competitive bodybuilding(I am 41) and no stretching/mobility work.  I started training in BJJ 2 years ago and that passion has taken over bodybuilding.  Any suggestions on what kind of a mobility program I should have is greatly appreciated.  I kinda feel like the 500lb man wanting to lose weight as my mobility is so bad I am not sure where to start.  Thanks

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      Once you are cleared work on things piece by piece.
      Have you identified movements where there is restriction?
      You can go back to video 1 and go through the 500+ video that way.
      This way you’ll go through everything as it was presented.

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      AvatarMatt Kelly

      thanks! So should I start with the area that is giving me the most problems? Currently I can’t squat because my shoulder won’t rotate far enough back to grab the bar(I am one of the odd balls who loves doing squats so that sucks).  Or since I am mostly a mess just start at the first video and do 1 a day?

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      You can start at day 1 and systematically go through the videos as they were posted. This way you go through everything as well and have a solid background moving forward. Learning each concept as it was introduced.
      Can you do an air squat?
      Start with each progression. You want to build a strong foundation with your movement patterns. Taking the time now with pay off later on.

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      AvatarMatt Kelly

      By air squat you mean body weight? Not just yet but just a few days away

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      AvatarErin Ritter


      Yes, air squat is body weight only. Personally, I started with the most painful and stiff area first, then as I fixed that area, I moved on to the next area. For me the mobility progression was thoratic spine, hip flexors, shoulders, then knees while performing ongoing maintenance on all areas.
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