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      AvatarCara Yost

      I seem to always fail the hydration test. I push my fingers on my shin and I always get an edema.

       I try to munch on bottles of water as much as I can during the day. If I start drinking too much I get to pee a lot. 

      So I eat quite a bit of salt – can I consume too much or should I try to eat even more?
      Are there any natural food sources of potassium – not like 2 percent per 100 g. There has to be a way the cavement did it. 
      They probably didn’t buy electrolyte solutions each day. This is probably my biggest concern. I can’t go around this problem.
      What are some hydration strategies you are using?
      1. Lemons – the citric acid in them and maybe other stuff is useful as far as I’ve heard.
      2. Eating more carbs should help you retain more water.
      3. I started eating bone marrow – there has to be all kind of minerals in there. Too bad there is no information on the internet to show how much
      Another school of thought – I have digestion problems which could impair my hydration. L-glutamine might help me with that. – as you can see there is L-Alanine and L-Glutamine.

      Edit: I’ll try to splatter one of my shins with magnesium and see if that changes anything.
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      You have to catch the deficit up first.
      Once this is back where it needs to be it will be easier to maintain as long as you stay on top of it.
      Yes, you can consume too much salt.
      Have you tried anything besides salt?
      What about electrolytes?
      I would take a look at OSMO nutrition they have a few different products and they have separate product for male female. Use the code WARRIORS for a 15% discount on your purchase.
      Another option are NUUN tablets adding one of these a few times a week can make a big difference..
      They are easy to find REI, several sports stores carry them.
      Yes digestion problem can impact your hydration.
      Have you seen anyone about this?

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      AvatarCara Yost

      I think it would be nice if I buy some potassium bicarbonate. It should work. Right?

      I already have magnesium and I don’t want to spend money for premade electrolyte solutions.
      Also potatoes. 100g – 530 mg potassium.
      I’ll start using magnesium transdermally more often.
      I made a thread about my digestive issues.
      I went to see a doctor. He prescribed probiotics and told me to ‘avoid the foods that cause me problems and live my life’. I still haven’t tried them but they were ‘nice’ strands of probiotics.
      The problem is the digesion is kind of weak. That’s it. The more I eat the bigger the indigestion. Nuts are hard to digest. Gaining mass is hard as a result.
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      Probiotics were prescribed and you aren’t using them?
      Once everything is back where it should be you may not need to keep using them, but may be needed to improve the current situation.
      If what you are currently doing isn’t working time to adjust what you are doing.

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