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      I have been progressively adding weight to the bar on my lifts and I started with an empty bar about 6 weeks ago (StrongLifts 5×5 Program). In the past two weeks I’ve noticed a snapping of a tendon or something in the back of my left elbow (lower triceps?) when I lower the bar during the bench press and overhead press, more so with bench. As I lower the bar, I can feel tension building the lower I get until eventually I feel, don’t really hear, a snap which feels like a tendon rolling over my bone, followed by a little pain There is nothing unusual that happens when pressing up, only lowering the weight. I tried tricep smashing in the middle of my workout but that didn’t do too much in the short time I tried it.

      Does anyone know what this is? And why it started up out of nowhere when my workouts have been going so well and the weight is still very low? I have bench pressed a decent amount more than this in the past, but right now all I’m lifting is 85 lbs adding 5 lbs every workout really focusing on improving my form, which up until recently I thought was coming along very well.
      Any advice?
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      If you lower the weight, does it stop happening?

      Does it make a difference if you lower the bar faster or slower?
      Have you had someone watch you press to make sure you are moving your arms symmetrically?
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