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      AvatarDiane Phillips

      Dude my kindle is dying for a copy of your book… make it happen!!!  Thanks Amy

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      AvatarKarin Blair Nova

      Maybe if enough people click the “Tell the Publisher! I’d like to read this book on Kindle” it just shows up on the Amazon page   [-O<

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      Agreed. If you do a google search for BaSL, the link descriptions will say that the book is available in hardcover and e-book format, but yet…I can’t find a single place to buy the e-book.

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      AvatarStephen fabyan

      The e-book is only available on iTunes for some technical reasons that I don’t think anyone understands.  They know people want a Kindle version and they’re not holding out on purpose, they just can’t do it yet for some reason.

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      AvatarTerry Hunter

      In the book’s announcement post on MWOD 2.0 Kelly (or Juliet) said:

      Second:  You all have been asking for an Ebook/electronic version of this Beast and so we busted it out and got it pushed through ITunes to come out… Today.  We tried to have a version for the kindle, but it formats horribly and creates a ton of errors in the text.  So, Ibooks it is.
      That doesn’t mean a Kindle version won’t be available in the future and I’m sure that Kelly and crew will do what he can to achieve that, but for now it’s in the “too hard” basket.
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