Daily Mobility Exercises by Dr. Kelly Starrett Forums General Dynamic warmup vs Mobility specifics. Knowledgable input greatly appreciated.

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      AvatarMelinda Willer

      I’ve been employing K-Starr’s principles for about 6 months, and they’ve helped my movement and training tremendously. But there isn’t anything in his book about warm up routines for athletes before practice. I’m a mixed martial artist and while I do have a warm up routine it consists of hearsay from people I’ve trained with. I would feel (and perform) better if I had a K-Starr approved warmup.

      I know that he advocated a dynamic warm up style, but how does it differ from techniques like a minimum of 2 minutes end range mobility for lasting change, sliding surface restrictions, and joint capsule mobilizations?

      Thanks in advance, Aaron

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Aaron,

      So the idea would be that mobility work represents a component of your warm-up. You work it into the routine when you know your inability to get into certain positions is going to negatively impact your training.
      Generally speaking, warm-ups for sports follow a model of having a general warm-up, which consists of some sort of rhythmic exercise to get hot and sweaty, followed by a specific warm-up which includes dynamic drills more specific to your athletic activity.
      Now, I’m not a typical athlete. My general warm-up usually looks like a basic barbell complex rather than cycling, running, or jump rope. But it still works in terms of getting a full-body jump start. Then in the specific warm-up I start working in basic progressions and mobility work for the movements I plan on training.
      So, for example, yesterday I was doing a squat workout, so I included ankle mobility in my specific warm-up. Since I was already warm, my tissues were better primed to respond to the mobilizations, but I didn’t replace my warm-up with the mobility work.

      Consider mobility a tool to make your specific movement preparation more productive; something to be included in a complete warm-up versus being a warm-up all on its own.

      I hope that helps.
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      AvatarKeith Broussard

      Dynamic warmup is designed to get you hot,sweaty and ready for the workout. It’s fine to do some mobs before your workout but they should be limited to things you need. Mostly joint capsule work if you restore full range in the joint capsule a lot of the other stuff will work itself out. Stay away from smashing before the workout. Save the soft tissue stuff for after (it helps you downregilulate). Use the dynamic warmup to hit some key ranges and if something feels grissley hit it quick and move on.

      Your goal should be to find yourself in a ready state where you’ve taken care of your issues throughout the day and you don’t waste too much gym time mobilizing before the workout.

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