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      Hello all

      I realize this has popped up having searched the forum/episodes regarding this topic. But I don’t find that great an answer.

      However, what is not exactly clear is what exactly comprises the dynamic warm up?

      I presume there could be several drills which could be done regardless of activity whether it be strength training or an endurance training—lunge, squat, etc.

      But there is no real example of duration, how long, reps for more specific guidance.  I’ve also asked about doing an episode addressing this

      like you go to the gym from the car and then ?? exactly what?

      It would be helpful to get specific recs or at least a good start point on perhaps the 5-10 optimal movements we should be doing, a nice sequence perhaps is commonly used/performed.


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      Some will change depending on the skills, movements you are doing for that day.
      If you have restrictions somewhere you would always be hitting those areas probably before the group warm up to be sure it is covered.
      Leg swings
      inch worms w/push up
      lunges/oh head lunges no weight
      high skips
      butt kickers
      quad pulls
      short run, row, airdyne, or assault bike
      are a few to hit.
      Episode 339: MWod and Warmup: Olympic Lifting
      Warm Up: Brian MacKenzie Running Warm Up
      Warm Up: Erin Cafaro-Rowing (Olympic Gold Medalish)

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      AvatarERIC HOPKINS

      thanks kaitlin
      what is a quad pull?

      One thing I have also seen is that some advocate like a turkish get up (even naked or light load) as part of a dynamic warm up—-it is such a multifaceted drill. Do you ever do those?

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