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      AvatarKelly Waters

      Hello all,

      When I decided to join MWOD Pro, we were promised weekly updated episodes, daily mobility programming, and monthly (if I remember correctly) webinars (which has now been changed to periodic).  I had much faith in MWOD, so I decided to purchase the year long package.  For some time MWOD Pro lived up to its promises and I loved it, but for awhile the promises have not been fulfilled.  How long has it been since the last updated episode?  Over one month.  In addition, we aren’t getting daily RXs anymore.  Sometimes we’ll get, for example, a Mon RX on a Weds.  From a business perspective, it’s important to make promises that are realistic and you can keep, otherwise customers are disappointed and will stop investing their money in the business.  I have gained so much valuable information, but I’m questioning whether or not it was worth the investment, especially because I made the investment with the promises in mind that have not been kept.  If I had setup a recurring monthly package, I would’ve cancelled it.  The crazy thing about all this, though, is that I truly understand why the promises have not been kept; they were unrealistic to begin with knowing about how crazy Kstar’s life is.  Not to mention I’d much prefer quality, which is plentiful on this site, over quantity.  So I’m not disappointed with the quality of this site but rather unfulfilled promises.
      I like what Jamie does with his site, gives a mobility program everyday and has the prerecorded videos for each one.  If it’s too difficult to record a new video everyday, this may be the better approach.  While I enjoy watching the new videos, I put money into getting daily mobility prescriptions, not entertainment.
      Thank you for listening.  I realize this may spark some angry comments, but that’s not my intention.  I’m just a voice of a understandably frustrated customer, one who has put so much faith that has purchased MWOD pro, the book, attended the seminar, and has bought every MWOD gear except for the battlestar.
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      AvatarYuan Li

      Nup agreed.

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      AvatarYuan Li

      Said what I’m sure many are thinking mate.

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Yeah, I can agree with that. I’ve been a pretty strong supporter of everything mwod for a while now, and owe a lot of knowledge to K-Star and those around him, but I do feel like it’s kind of losing momentum.

      A lot of it must have to do with how many projects (books, etc) and podcast/interview appearances Starrett is making these days, which is definitely important towards his goal of bringing the info to the people.
      But it’s true, promises have not been kept. Still, I appreciate the consistently quality content when it comes out, and I was super pumped when the foot/ankle webinar came out. We had been waiting for a new one for a while now.
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