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      AvatarErin Haskell


      I am wondering if there is information about developing/finding a beginner’s workout plan using the Leopard/MWOD system. I’m sorry if the topic already has been covered many times; I couldn’t find it with the search function. My goals are to achieve motor control at end ranges (ala 7 green lights), and build basic strength. I’m not sure I want to get into dynamic Category 2/3 movements yet.
      Is the plan 5×5? Is it getting competency in every Category 1 movement and moving on from the exercise? Does the Leopard/MWOD systems have recommended routines? Is this something where I should go see a professional or have a 1-1 session with?
      I would be happy for some starting ideas/workouts.
      A bit about me:
      Ive been in the MWOD orbit for about a year, although in the last 3 months I’ve become significantly more obsessed. 
      -M, 26, no lifting background, minor sports background, basic competency in the easier category 1 movements (bench, back/front squat, pushup, etc..) at light weights
      -Lots of time to workout/mobilize
      Thank you kindly
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
      Great to hear you have followed Mobility Wod for about a year.
      There are different ways to get started based on what you are looking to accomplish.
      There is no one size fits all programming.
      Have you identified areas, archetypes, or specifics that need attention?
      You can start by working with someone to identify a starting point and create a plan.
      One place you can start is the 14 Day Mobility Challenge 7 Green Lights on the Episodes drop down.
      In Becoming A Supple Leopard Part 4 is Mobility Prescriptions.
      This section can be in different ways.
      14 Day Whole Body Mobility Overhaul is a starting point.
      You can use this template as a general guide to create your own mobility program or follow one of the sample prescriptions. There is beginner and intermediate sample prescriptions.
      If you have identified what needs attention there are prescriptions you can follow in this part.
      In Part 1 of Becoming A Supple Leopard, you can take the body archetype quick tests to identify archetype(s) which need attention. You can use the general body archetype mobility prescriptions  to improve the archetype as a whole.
      There are multiple types of prescriptions within Part 4 of the book.
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      AvatarTom Matchinsky


      5×5 linear progressions in your basic barbell lifts are the best places to start for people. I would suggest working with a local coach on this or finding someone online who can help you. The MWOD site does not have specific prescriptions for basic strength and conditioning templates, but I would say most of us who work for MWOD would likely do this with someone. Start with a weight that feels 50-60% effort, do 5×5 with that weight, hit that exercise 3 days later with 5- 10 more lbs (put a 5 on each side for lower body and a 2 1/2 on each side for upper body) and just go until you can’t hit 5×5 with the prescribed weight with good technique. Take off 20% and then start again. If you don’t have a training background, you can do this for a long time. It isn’t exciting, but it works very well.
      MWOD Staff
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