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      AvatarFelipe Aviles

      Looking at getting way from sitting at my current desk!  Saw a Locus Desk online and wondered whether any one had experience of it or something similar.  On the face of it, it gets one away from sitting and allows one to stand in a supported fashion.  Just that I can’t get to try one out and they are expensive.  Maybe a bar stool would work as well or alternating between sitting at the desk and standing!


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      AvatarNathan Richer

      A buddy of mine has an Ergotron Workfit and he likes it a lot. you can simply adjust the height of your monitor and keyboard whenever you want to stand up, and readjust for sitting.  it’s only about $400 or so.

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      AvatarKyle Rota

      I’ve been considering a GeekDesk. It’s motorized so you can move it up and down with the touch of a button and the price is pretty reasonable as far as quality desks go. 

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      Avatar[email protected]
      As a good and cheap standing desk to start with, I recommend the StanDesk 2200.
      So named because that’s how many cents it costs.


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      Thomas VercellinoThomas Vercellino

      I just transformed my desk to a standing desk in my office and I am enjoying it. I did buy a 30″ metal stool with no back from Target for $27 that will allow me to sit with good posture when I need a break. While standing I usually place my foot on bottom rails of the stool or a small box I found in my office and I will use this to loosen my hips.

      That Locus Desk seems neat however to rich for me. I am rather interested in that mogo chair however that does seem like something I would use.

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      AvatarBen Moore

      http://www.varidesk.com – cheaper alternative to full sized desks!

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