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      I’ve set a goal for 2014 to become alot more supple and are ready to start working for it. 

      I’m curious if you guys think its a good idea to do the Daily RX before I go to work, then work for 8 hours and do my crossfit when I quit work?
      I’ve seen Roop talking about not to do some of the Daily RX work before working out, so I was thinking if it would be more OK to do it in the morning, let the body rest for 9 hours or so and then workout? 
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      For me, I always look at my workout and then see if i need to achieve some set of positions, like deep squat or arms overhead.  I test those and if they are not maximal range, i make sure i can achieve those before working out.  I would not want to go start a workout requiring those positions without using mobs and smashes to get me there first. 

      it is possible that your day of work will cause your mobility to be limited again. so i would take some time before CF and mob/smash to make sure you have full ROM to start/finish the workout.  if you start without ROM, you could hurt yourself!
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      Thanks for your info David. I’ll know my programming in the morning so it was more like I put in an extra 20-30 minutes or so to get extra ROM I need in the afternoon. 

      The extra ROM I’m speaking about is mostly to increase the suppleness in my squat which today is limited but not terrible. Also at the evenings after gym and dinner I normally do some mobility-work/stretching in front of the TV. 
      I’m thinking about the Daily RX in the morning as a good way to start the day and to work on my goal for 2014.
      Do you think its a terrible idea?

      I have a deskbound job, but Im using a standing desk, So I’m standing all day long basically. 
      And in the warmup before crossfit I mobilize shoulders and legs enough to get me supple. 
      If its hurting or I’m stiff I do a bit more or just work on lighter weights not go get injured. 
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      I think the dailyRx’s are good for a while to follow but I think after you know the mobs and smashes and most importantly your own body you’ll not want to do just dailyRx’s but rather target your own known issues. I think more often quality work on the issues you are facing versus the somewhat random nature of dailyRx means you’ll get results optimized to you.

      Over time I think you can develop your own daily smash and mob sequence and just quickly get through it each morning. But you only target areas that need help and forget the rest. You can use smashes and mobs to quickly test areas: if no tight knots/sore spots with a smash, stop and move to the next area and don’t waste 2 min on an area that doesn’t need a lot of help. That goes for mobs too- get in a mob and test for corners- if no corners move onto the next mob and area!

      I think you’ll also find smash and mob is a good warm up. I am in light sweat and ready to go after smash and mob, nicely warmed up!

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      I agree with you David that the Daily RX is great for introducing new ideas (such as Roop with this gold nugget: http://www.mobilitywod.com/daily/monday-january-6th-2014/ )  or reminding us of the wisdom Kelly has previously bestowed upon we humble, sore, tight, restricted folks. Like you, I typically don’t do the daily RX exercises on the day they’re posted unless they’re pertinent to my prep, workout or recovery. 

      I hope the Kelly-Roop combo keeps up with the daily vids so the community gets fresh ideas to attack all that tacked down, gnarly tissue. I’ve recommended this website and Kelly’s book to countless friends because the principles just flat out work. 
      I only wish I’d known all of this stuff 3 years ago when I jacked up my back deadlifting. I probably would’ve prevented the injury or, worst case scenario, recovered from it much more quickly. 
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      You guys pretty much summarized it pretty well for me. I wasn’t actually gonna do the Daily RX, I am gonna do the Daily RX, but I’m gonna chose the ones that attacks my weaknesses. 

      When I’ve started to know what works and what don’t I’d probably create 2-3 routines that attack different areas and work with them. Only reason I posted was that I don’t have the space or possibility to use a band at home, but almost all of the other equipment I have. 
      So basically on the evenings after practice now I do T-spine mob with 2 LAXballs, some foamrolling calves and a little couchstretch/super squat hip sequence or so. But since I barely have time to sleep if I’m gonna do all this every night I was thinking about putting it in for a session in the morning with focus on legs. 
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      Svinto, yeah, for most of us we have to fit in bits and pieces throughout the day rather than one long mob session at night – as you wrote, getting good sleep is key to recovery. Though if I’m watching a movie w/ my wife at night I spend most of it mobilizing, which she thinks is hilarious. If I’m at a gas station I’ll hit my calves with the classic foot on the wall stretch. Today at a business meeting I’ll have a lacrosse ball under one hamstring if I can get away with it. When I work from a coffee shop I’ll do a lunge stretch outside my car (few weird looks – who care!?). 

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      Ok, cool. 

      Yeah same for me, but my girlfriend hates it because she wants to cuddle.  At work I’ll even do some stretching, not much but some. 
      Well if I get to bed as early as I want in the evening I’ll set the clock to go up early and mobilize otherwise I’ll use that 30-40 min to sleep. 
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      one thing you can do about night mobs/smashes is you can use them to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system for sleep.  i usually do gemini on t-spine, maybe some easy supernovas on the TFL and lateralis, and use the alpha ball on my QLs.  this makes me sleep better by loosening me up.

      I’d stay away from really active mobs and with bands at night…

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      How do you mobilize your QL with alphaball? Only thing i’ve seen about ql is the matt chan video.
      I guess im pretty stiff here as well (yeah, another stiff spot)…

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      this one shows it with a lacrosse ball – if the ball is small, you’ll need to put your feet up apparently:

      here’s a daily Rx for QLs and supernova – just sub in the alpha ball:

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      David, tried that last one with the alpha ball. Didn’t give it much time but actually felt a bit more relaxed in lower back, so will keep doing that one.

      Did the couchstretch and freestyled it a bit immediately after and it actually felt pretty good and loose in the hips. Gotta keep pounding them and every other mobwods I do to become a better me. 
      I love all the help one can get from this forum. It has helped me alot. 
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