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      Hey guys i have been having a killer foot pain for months.  Went to the doctor had MRI and X-ray and found nothing wrong.  The doctor believes the problem is what they call Morton’s neuroma.  I had a cortisone shot and it worked for about two months and the second shot had no pain relieve.  I have ordered correct toes and wore them a few times and my foot still hurts.  Was just wondering what everyones thoughts were on correct toes?  Waste of time and money or worth wearing them for a long time?.  

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Are you addressing the soft tissue of your foot?
      Sounds like this is not a new situation so it can take time to see the pain resolve.
      Clearing up the nerve irritation is key.
      Yes, you feet may be uncomfortable because they are in new positioning when wearing correct toes. Changing any habit or position can be tough. Muscles, fascia which haven’t been working in the past are now called upon with the new positioning. Dose response when wearing them.
      Do you wear tight fitting shoes?

      Do you do any foot strengthening exercises?
      Correct toes may start to show your feet correct positioning if you are not wearing tight fitting shoes which squish your foot.

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