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      AvatarAndrew Allred

      I have some connective tissue disorders that cause joint instability specifically in my knees and hips (they used to dislocate and sometimes still start to slip); however, I don’t have the typical hypermobility associated with connective tissue problems like Ehlers-Danlos. Instead, I’m on the other end of the spectrum with chronic tightness everywhere to the point where my muscles are so locked up they feel like bone.

      Does anyone have any recommendations on how to approach this? I know soft tissue work is key, but should I still avoid joint work with bands and certain stretching? I remember seeing a video on the mobilitywod site that talked a little bit about this but it was more of an overview and didn’t go into much detail on how to move forward with training.

      Any advice would be much appreciated!

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      Kelly StarrettKelly Starrett

      Soft tissue work for you is the key. You prob don’t need a band. We would also suggest SLOWING down in your movements. Work on tempo that is slow enough where you have control and don’t wobble.
      Think Cat 1 movements that tend to be strict and staples of classic S&C. Bench, dead, squat, pull up, press, etc.
      Speed is tough to manage when you have lots of degrees of freedom.

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