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      Hey gang! I’m new to the ready state, but I have really enjoyed the daily mobility programs so far and done some of the more targeted stuff with great results.

      I started a running training program after a long break of lots of desk time over the last 3ish years. It involves running ~15-20 miles a week (ramping up slowly) and two general strength workouts starting with core, then moving into some gently weighted exercises like Turkish get ups, pushups, one leg squats, step ups, etc.

      I’ve noticed that during the one leg squats and step ups, my right hip glides smoothly and my left hip has a bunch of ‘snaps’ or ‘clicks’ where it feels like the tendons are popping across bumps or something like that. I’d generally describe it as feeling clunky. There is no pain and I think its generally worse when I’m fatigued. I’ve also noticed my left calf is less strong than my right.

      Is this the kind of thing that you can mobility your way out of? I have chatted with two PTs and they recommended glute strengthening exercises (clams, short step downs, lateral band walking) that I have done for a few months at a stretch with limited success.

      In the past I’ve done a lot of rock climbing, running (up to ~50k), skiing, and white water kayaking, in case any of that is relevant.

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