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      My father is currently battling Brain Cancer. Due to the intense chemotherapy sessions and invasive surgeries he has become less mobile. His mobility has become extremely limited due to laying in a hospital bed. I work with him on some gentle physical therapy as well as stretching and massaging his muscles. I stretch his hamstrings and quadriceps which really helps him feel better afterwards.With all that being said, I am having a hard time thinking of more ideas of light stretches I can do with him. So, any ideas anyone has would be greatly appreciated! 

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      Are you working with his upper body at all?
      Triceps, hand on shoulder and raising his elbow.
      Side bends if possible to hit the lateral seam
      Raising the shoulders and upper back off the bed
      Reaching diagonally across the body and raising the shoulder off the end. This can incorporate some different areas by reaching diagonally above the head, eye level, toward the hip or knee
      Maybe something here will help.

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