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      Hi guys

      I am having trouble with the bottom position in my squat in a way that I loose tension in my glutes..

      Before squatting todau I did my usual hip opening drills with the band and then I took a kettlebell and sat down in a squat and in the bottom position I am not able to keep the tension in my glutes, I had to remind myself to squeeze the glutes in the bottom position.

      I notice I start in a good position with everything tight but when I decend down I loose tension… I read that the butt should be working the most in the bottom position but I cant feel the tension in my case…

      Any ideas or drills to do to fix this? Am I maybe going further down than my mobility allows??

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      Yes, sounds like you are going past where you are able to hold position.
      You don’t want to keep going past this point as it can develop bad habits.

      It may be different from what you have done in the past. Creating the awareness of where you lose tension within the range of motion is a first key. This will illustrate where to mobilize/point of restriction.
      I recommend Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Move Strong I Squat Progression on the Cody app.
      Great progression to rebuild technique.

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