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      Maja GrayMaja Gray

      I don’t know about you guys, but my forearms get really trashed. It gets really painful just south of the elbow on the inside. The other day I was trying to get at it with a lacrosse ball and it occurred to me I might be able to use the bone saw mob on my forearms. 

      For anyone who hasn’t seen it:
      Basically you take the same concept and apply to your forearms:
      Get down on all fours.
      Drop an elbow to the ground, forearm perpendicular to your trunk.
      Take the same shin/knee as elbow you dropped and put it on the forearm.
      Smash until you throw up or pass out. 
      I found I could use the shin to get some good work done on the meat of the forearm, and sort of drive my knee into the hotspot right below the elbow.
      Curious to hear what the mods would say about the quality/safety of this mob, because I’ve found it really effective for restoring forearms.
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