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      AvatarNeil Bonner

      Hey i’m just reading supple leopard for the first time now but I recently came across this video from Jeff Cavaliere (Who seems like a very knowledgeable trainer) that’s against glute smashing saying that it’s doing more harm than good.  I was wondering your opinions on this? 

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Smashing your glute is fine. All depends what you are looking to impact.
      If something feels sketchy it is so stop doing it.
      If you feel nervy pain stop.

      There is alot of work you can do without being on or near the sciatic nerve.
      Unglue laminated tissues using a pressure wave, smash &floss, or contract and relax.
      Address the side of the glute, high glute etc..

      Be smart with what you are doing.
      If you have a question on something ask someone.

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      There is nothing wrong with smashing the glutes. Use a bigger and softer ball if necessary. When doing it in a controlled and smart way and making sure you are avoiding things that feel numb, tingly, or burning you are safe to roll around as you choose. Many times we find people just want to say something different to get traffic to themselves by saying someone else is wrong and I am right. It is all context specific. BASL has clear guidelines for mobilizing yourself and making sure you don’t do anything that you don’t feel personally comfortable doing. Be smart, be safe, and above all, don’t be afraid to seek out professional help near you if you feel you aren’t getting something.

      Travis Jewett
      MWOD Staff
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