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      So I think I have watched 90% of the videos on here so I feel like I have a good wealth of knowledge regarding options for improving my shoulder heath.

      I went to the doctor not long ago, and during the apprehension test my shoulder actually popped out.  He said I have anterior instability (i think the most common one).
      I feel using the soft tissue stuff on here I can recover quicker than otherwise, but I can’t seem to strengthen the muscles properly.
      I subscribe to the theory that Kelly does where you don’t get surgery just for the sake of it.  I feel at this point I have no choice.  In my head I know how I should be queuing my shoulder, but without a coach its impossible to know.
      I am guessing my surgery will be to tighten the capsule.  During Xray I had no lesions or anything.  So I am guessing just stretched out ligaments, and tendos.  There are things that can’t be strengthened correct?
      Have any of you had this type of surgery?
      Thanks for any help.
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