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      AvatarAlex Boyd

      So double-unders are one of the bains of my crossfit life. I’ve always had somewhat dodgy ankles- my mum tells me they wanted to give me corrective shoes when i was young, but she said no. The last few years I’ve been dealing with persistent ankle sprains, which lead to me going to a physio to get exercises to correct weaknesses and mobility issues…this also meant no running or jumping for a while. now fully recovered I can work on it all, and recently double unders which would hurt while doing them have got easier. My last effort (a tasty little emom of double unders) felt great until the day after…Calves were on fire and ankle joints hurt like hell. I worked the tension out of calves, however I cant get the pain out of my ankles, which have also developed a painful crepitus.
      Has this every happened to anyone? Is there anything I can do minimise it or control it? 🙁

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Sounds like your heels aren’t killing the ground when you do double unders.
      The calf is staying contracted the whole time.

      How is your ankle rom?
      Do an active recovery day in the pool. The movement without load or stress can help.

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