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      AvatarJuan Juarros

      Hey everyone,
      I’ve been putting together a home mobility gym to roll, stretch, etc, and it’s been awesome.  The one problem I haven’t been able to solve is how to do distracted stretching at home, specifically how to anchor the resistance bands such that I can feel confident putting lots of tension into them.  Does anyone have any solutions that have worked for them?  It has to be:

      –  something that can either be put away or hidden easily since my “mobility gym” is also our guest room and my wife isn’t a huge fan of leaving gym equipment out.  
      –  something that won’t cause damage to walls, doors, etc
      Any ideas? 
      Thanks guys!
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Hey Rick
      Have you checked out the Rogue Door Strap?

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      AvatarMarianne Taylor


      I wrap the band around the newel post that holds the staircase handrail.  It’s sturdy.
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