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      AvatarAlan Fleming


      So I’ve been lifting for about a year now, and have had this constant nagging tightness on the lower half on my right side for about half a year. I make sure to foam roll and lax pretty much every day, and it does decrease the discomfort, but it always ends up coming back. I’ve also noticed that the tightness kind of “jumps” around muscles. When my glutes aren’t tight, it’ll be my hams, if my hams aren’t tight, it’ll be my adductors. I went to a chiropractor and he made me do some lying hip abductions. My right side would fire up around my gluteus medius, but also my hip flexor region. My left side, on the other hand, would just activate the gluteus medius. He thinks that my right side is more “uncoordinated” than my left side, which is why my right side is constantly tight. He recommends that I do those lying hip abductors focusing on the right side, and the dead bug exercise to also strengthen my lower abs. He also found my quads to be tight. This might be causing my other muscles to “compensate” and work harder.

      I’ve also noticed that after leg day, my left side is never really sore, but always my right side…which makes me confused about my chiro’s diagnosis. If my left side is more “coordinated”, wouldn’t it be more sore after a workout than my right side? On a side note, the first time I started lifting, I noticed my quads were always sore. I started to mobilize my posterior region a couple of months ago, and now my quads are never sore after leg day. I’m just worried that they are not being properly activated.

      Anyways, this issue is bugging the crap out of me. It’s literally a pain in the butt. It’s uncomfortable wearing jeans or anything that constricts my behind, since it only makes it more tight. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

      Here are the leg exercises that I do if it helps:
      Squats – I mostly only did this exercise, but last month I started to add:
      Leg presses and RDLs.

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      Avatar[email protected]

      Layman here:

      Before you receive some advice from trained professional on the forum, I would recommend that you do some t-spine and shoulder work and find any asymmetry up there.  Those shoulder mobs end up attaching to that QL so that will end up given slack.  
      My vote is that its a strength imbalance starting from the top.  Your right side compensates for the left side.
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      AvatarChristina Kosmowski

      + 1 on Daniel’s comment, I have always felt when my body is the tightest similar to how you describe it always stems from something in my tendency to have asymmetry issues. If you are like me and have played sports your whole life that repetitive favoring of one side can cause asymmetry issues as well 

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      AvatarAlan Fleming

      Sorry for taking so long to getting back, but thanks for your feedback guys! Ive been doing some t-spine and shoulder work, and I’ve noticed some assymetry. I’m going to keep on doing them and see if it helps with the issue.

      Frank, what do you do to help resolve those assymetries? 
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