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      AvatarBenjamin McPherson

      10yr-old Daughter was diagnosed with Accessory Navicular (no imaging, just a quick look by Podiatrist) following complaint of some mild pain in ankle/arch region.  Daughter has always favored walking on toes and has limited ankle dorsiflexion (has for a long time – probably noticed when she was  5yr-old).  Was going to try Podiatrist recommended orthotics this fall when she is wearing shoes more often.  

      What are the opinions on Accessory Navicular Surgery?  Surgery only as last resort for pain or get it over with while young to improve foot geometry?  Is surgery risky for ongoing pain due to surgery?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Sounds like a situation to see a practitioner who will do imagining to see exactly what is present and how the foot is impacted.
      Is you daughter addressing the tissue of her foot?
      Done any work to address the limited ankle dorsiflexion?
      Decreasing inflammation within the area can help with symptoms.

      If you get orthotics it would be beneficial to get them before she is wearing shoes all day.
      Building in doses with orthotics recommended. These will change her foot position which can impact alot upstream.

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