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      AvatarKristina Jones

      Hi guys,

      3 months ago I strained my right abdomen/abwall, to the right of my bellybutton, during a workout, since then I have a burning sensation every time after a workout and in the morning, specialy when I hit some plank and midline stabelisation exercises,the doctors said that it has to heal and needs time. I’m 3 months further had 2 anti inflamatory doses, went paleo but still feel the same. Its frustrating because I can’t workout verry well and my biggest mobility issue Is hip extension. So hip openers are my goats, problem is that this also put stress on the abdomen/ psoas area…should I stop doin those hipopeners till its healed and live a few inch shorter?
      Any advice welcome!


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      What are you doing to address the situation?
      You need to identify the cause of the burning sensation.
      Yes, you injured your abwall, but there is something more there.
      Look upstream and downstream of the impacted area.
      Have you addressed these episodes?
      Jill Miller Diaphragm Evolution Part 3: Eccentric Loading
      Jill Miller Smashes Your Guts! (and psoas, and tacked down viscera, and matted down abdominals…) Part 2
      Jill Miller Fixes Your T-Spine and Crappy Breathing Mechanics

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      AvatarKeith Borg


      If you still are having issues, go get your spine checked out by a phyiso, AND clear up the scar mess/adhesion with some gut smashing.  Get a softer kiddie kick ball and global shear away.
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      AvatarKristina Jones

      Thanks for the advice Kaitlin and Kstar! Keep up the good work!
      Didn’t try the global gut smashing yet.


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      AvatarMartin Repcek
      I think I have the same thing going on on my left side. Pain started a couple inches to the left of belly button runs all the way down to the groinal area. In my case I think it happened when I was running while fat on the treadmill. All the jiggling put too much strain on the tissues. I’m starting to heal but I’ve had to completely stop running. I’ve been smashing around the area as KStar suggested with various balls and it makes a huge difference. The smashing buys me enough slack to perform normal daily functions without putting more strain on the tissues. The area around my inguinal ligament on the left side seems to be especially tight. 
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      AvatarKristina Jones

      Hi Jesse,

      Running don’t make it worser in my case but imagine doing hipopeners, I can’t feed enough slack to the tissue so i don’t tear it in the couch stretch for example. I have to improve hip extension and midline stabelisation but can’t do crunches plank or hipopeners, dilemma 🙂

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