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      So, after dealing with wrist pain for a while and seeing 14.2’s OHS bonanza, I’ve decided to consult the mobilitywod community regarding my OHS grip.

      Whenever I snatch or OHS with a wide grip (outside the knurling), the bar bears down on my thumb/wrist and makes both feel uncomfortable. Adding weight only makes it more painful in the wrist and thumb.
      By simply making the grip a little narrower (like a wider clean grip), the wrist angle becomes much less sharp and the pain is considerably less.
      I’ve been almost religiously voodoo flossing and stretching my forearms using this mobilization, but my forearm flexors seem to be in a perpetual state of tightness:

      Should I just double down on my mobility or should I also consider adopting a more narrow grip if feels better?

      EDIT: So I did 14.2 with a slightly narrower grip, and I managed 50 reps without experiencing any wrist pain. After the workout, my hands did feel  a little tingly, which Kstar addressed in today’s 14.2 prep video. I guess that’s from having my shoulder roll forward in the bottom of the OHS?

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      Have you watched the 14.2 prep videos where Diane& Carl address grip?
      Little narrower relative  grip.
      Narrower grip tightens up the shoulder. It stabilizes for you.

      That will address it for this workout, but you’ll still want to get to the bottom of the cause of the pain.
      Sounds like having someone look at your shoulder positioning may help.
      Are you seeing improvements with the mobility work you are doing?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Yeah Carl Paoli’s video is pretty good on Overhead Squats:

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