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        Had my lateral meniscus repaired in february.  STILL having trouble putting force into the ground with my right side without a good amount of discomfort… any ideas on how I can help myself with this.  To date, have been doing some strengthening, and really recently for the first time in about 6 months started squatting and deadlifting again.  I find the more I get warmed up the better it feels, but i am still having pain walking up and down stairs… I recently started using my peanut and softball to trigger point the outside of my knee (IT Band area) and that seems to relieve a bit of discomfort… any other suggestions?  I have also been voodoo flossing my leg, above and below the knee, with some success also… Just looking for a little input from the community from maybe someone who has had the same issues, or has experience working with this type of post surgical issue.

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          Yes, you will need a longer warm up than usual as you have had time off and are healing.
          Have you see this episode?
          Episode 318: Knee Pain On Stairs or Hills

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          AvatarStephanie See

            ok, last question about this… i noticed that I’m having some very specific pain during my squat and occasionally in my deadlift… i get to about half way down in my range of motion, and i get a very sharp pain in my fibula high up.  it is to the point where it automatically affects my strength level and makes it so i can’t put force in the ground.  this happens whether i am using bodyweight, bar, or a little bit of weight.  Does anyone have any idea why i would be having pain in my fibula, or might it be something else referring pain to my fibula… i am still working to get quad strength back at the moment…

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              Have you had anyone take a look at your mechanics/technique?
              Following a lateral meniscus repair or any injury you have less tolerance for deviations in technique.
              A technique deviation you were able to buffer in the past you may not be able to buffer any longer.
              It is beneficial to do skill& drill work and work on re establishing proper movement patterns.
              Take the time to have a solid foundation technique wise first you will benefit from taking the time now.

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