AvatarNathan Richer

I unfortunately don’t think you’re missing anything. The videos aren’t tagged very well and there are no transcripts. Not sure if transcripts would be useful – watching the action is much more useful than the words, although he does drop some very important tidbits here and there.  When you search, you search the titles and whatever paragraph they write as a description. DailyRx has no descriptions.

I watch nearly every one and have a file with videos and their URLs and tagged to techniques and body parts. It’s the only way i can look something up later.
as for the areas you describe, try these:
hip flexor:

when you do super couch, it is CRITICAL that you flex the glute on the side that you are stretching, ie. the leg that is back. turning on the glute will help neurologically cause the hip flexors to elongate, versus just statically pulling them out.  if you don’t turn on the glute, you may just be pulling on tissue that will never release.

if you have some body part, smash, or mob you are looking for, post it here and we’ll try to find something for you.