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AvatarKatie Hemphill

Hey Det,

There is a general order of priorities that the MWOD approach follows that can serve to guide your attack strategy if you’re really going after an issue.
1) Motor Control – Make sure you don’t move like crap so you’re not constantly reviving your issue.
2) Joint Capsule – Get on those banded mobilizations, because this piece can sometimes have a huge influence on your ROM
3) Soft Tissue- Time to tenderize
4) Muscle Dynamics – Get your lengthening and contract-relax on!
I find if I’m going after a real problem area, I like to start with soft tissue stuff to help break up any localized areas of crappiness, and then intersperse that with sets of joint capsule or stretching pieces (with a big emphasis on position). Restore some normalcy to the tissues, then remind them how they are supposed to function!