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      AvatarOlja Jankovic

      When trying to improve tissue quality and length, I have always rolled, smashed or cleaned up the tissues first, then would proceed to lengthening or mobilizing the tissues or joints such as with the couch stretch. I have noticed on the daily RX, kelly usually does joint mobs or lengthens first, then follows up with smashing or cleaning up the tissues. Does the order matter for best results? Or is it just a matter of doing both?

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      Avatar[email protected]

      Probably follows the principle of when you get a massage you don’t want to exert energy afterwards.

      So when you smash you induce the parasympathetic response so you should do it at the very end of everything.
      I think it is more of a expert level thing.  If you are tight like me all the time, then you are going to need to smash, lengthen, smash, test, smash….whatever.
      Kelly responded to one of the threads in here suggesting that  you should try smashing,  soak in a hot bath, and then lengthen.  
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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Det,

      There is a general order of priorities that the MWOD approach follows that can serve to guide your attack strategy if you’re really going after an issue.
      1) Motor Control – Make sure you don’t move like crap so you’re not constantly reviving your issue.
      2) Joint Capsule – Get on those banded mobilizations, because this piece can sometimes have a huge influence on your ROM
      3) Soft Tissue- Time to tenderize
      4) Muscle Dynamics – Get your lengthening and contract-relax on!
      I find if I’m going after a real problem area, I like to start with soft tissue stuff to help break up any localized areas of crappiness, and then intersperse that with sets of joint capsule or stretching pieces (with a big emphasis on position). Restore some normalcy to the tissues, then remind them how they are supposed to function!
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