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AvatarJim Hoffman

I also have been dealing with this same issue for a long time. I went to see a sports doctor and had some x-rays done the conclusion was that I had a FUNCTIONAL leg length difference. Which means when they measured my bones they didn’t find a significant difference between them but somehow my body was creating a leg length difference. When I looked at myself standing I could see one hip bone was higher and also more anteriorly tilted. It frustrated me for a long time because after getting diagnosed and getting treatment from a physio, osteo, and chiro they all concluded the same thing but didn’t really get to the bottom of it.

After checking out a lot of mobilityWOD videos I got to understand a lot more about movement and ways to treat yourself. I now have a far less noticeable difference in hip unevenness by just hammering away everyday at what was tight. For me my right hip was higher and more anteriorly tilted, my left was lower and more posteriorly tilted. So based on this the front of my right hip was tight so I hammered the couch stretch and rolled on the psoas and used the kettlebell on the illiacus, I also worked a lot on my right QL because I found out uneven hips can be caused by QL tightness. For my left side I worked on rolling the glute, high glute going into the erectors and QL then lots of flexion in external rotation stuff (pigeon pose on top of a box).
It’s not perfect and I doubt it will ever be 100% symmetrical but I can see a difference and feel a difference by doing this (albeit a very slow change).