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AvatarKatie Hemphill

Hey Jayson,

Sounds like you are experiencing a pretty full set of restrictions in your squat, and the ankles are probably a big part of that. Your best bet is probably going to be going through the episodes list on this site and watching everything that shows up when you use the “squat” tag.

Many of these issues will take a lot of work over time to fix, so be diligent and patient. Make sure you don’t assume that just because a mobility drill did not completely fix your squat it was not helpful. Over time, you will become more flexible, learn more about how you are restricted, and learn more about how to mobilize well and move well. You have to become skilled at mobility work in order to use it well, just as in any other aspect of fitness.

I feel like English probably isn’t your first language, and I know Kelly can be a bit of a fast talker, but give it some time and you should start to pick up some of his mwod-specific vocabulary.