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      AvatarPam Rice

      Hi guys! just joined. watch some of the kelly video about squat.

      okay here is the problem.
      i not sure if its due to the ligament tear in the ankle, i fell and fracture my left (above) ankle, hairline fracture. recovered able to walk and run and jump. both ankle are easy to sprain maybe due to loose ankle.
      but the problem now is i squat with a very wide stance, the lower i go down my toes will point out more to compensate for the stability.
      so i squat with my toes pointed out.
      i had a lil flat foot, not too serious.
      i noticed that kelly taught about the knee pushing out when squating down fully unless i point my toe out maybe to a point of 40degree.
      if i have a shoulder width stance squat, i can squat a little before i feel myself going to fall behind
      and lastly i feel tightness just below my calf and above my ankle.
      can anybody help me?
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      AvatarPam Rice

      is it able to post video or picture here?

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      Are you missing hip flexion?
                             ankle flexion?

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      AvatarPam Rice

      hi, when i squat i try to push my knee out, a little tight though but i know its more on ankle problem. is there any picture i can post up?

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      Avatar[email protected]

      You can post pictures.  I think knees out is for experts that have more range of motion.  If you are having basic ankle/hip issues then you shouldn’t be putting your knees out.  

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      Missing ankle/hip flexion is part of the reason you fall back.
      Are you in an organized position?
      May be a situation to see a doctor to determine what is going on.
      Have you addressed your hip at all?
      Have you addressed your feet at all?
      Have you looked at Roop and Jami’s Excellent foot and ankle adventure?
      Roop & Jami’s Excellent Foot & Ankle Adventure | Part I
      Roop & Jami’s Excellent Foot & Ankle Adventure | Part II
      Roop & Jami’s Excellent Foot & Ankle Adventure | Part III
      Roop & Jami’s Excellent Foot & Ankle Adventure | Part IV
      Roop & Jami’s Excellent Foot & Ankle Adventure | Part V

      Pro Episode # 44: The Last 25% of Your Ankle Restriction (Snatches and Pistols here we come!)

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Jayson,

      Sounds like you are experiencing a pretty full set of restrictions in your squat, and the ankles are probably a big part of that. Your best bet is probably going to be going through the episodes list on this site and watching everything that shows up when you use the “squat” tag.

      Many of these issues will take a lot of work over time to fix, so be diligent and patient. Make sure you don’t assume that just because a mobility drill did not completely fix your squat it was not helpful. Over time, you will become more flexible, learn more about how you are restricted, and learn more about how to mobilize well and move well. You have to become skilled at mobility work in order to use it well, just as in any other aspect of fitness.

      I feel like English probably isn’t your first language, and I know Kelly can be a bit of a fast talker, but give it some time and you should start to pick up some of his mwod-specific vocabulary.

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