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AvatarNathan Richer

you can overdo any of the smashes and mobilizations in MWOD and either strain something or cause too much trauma to the tissue and it can be more sore than less.  pain is a good measure – you always should be less sore after a smash/mobilization than more. 

and you don’t have to stick to the rule of 2 minutes. sometimes you can see good enough change in only 15-30 seconds.  or the area may be so sensitive that you can’t really work it too long. it may be better in that instance to do many shorter sessions during the day than one super long one.  that will give time for your tissues and your nervous system to recover. 
what i mean by nervous system recovery is that it could be reacting in a protective mode to the smashing and mobilizations and may not let you relax enough to let change happen. smashing contracted muscle in protection mode is only going to make things worse. you need to also let your nervous system adapt to the smash/mobs so that tissue will have more lasting change.