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      AvatarChad Thorpe

      hi guys hope to stay around and get some informaton here 🙂
      my goal is powerliftngbodybulding
      i have some queston :
      1. how long should i hold stretches with resistance band for return the hip/shoulder capsule to the place ? how long should i hold normal stretch? how long to hold the stretch wth the DB/Kettlebell stretch that kelly doesfor shoulder.
      2.  i am dong the DB/Kettlebell stretch that kelly does for shoulder i pull my shoulder hard backward hold the dumbble and put the band on my arms wat for 2 minutes and it dosnt mprove my flexibility at all .
      3.  am working on shoulder moblity every day for a 3 weeks and my right should stll tight even no slightly progress i am doing all the exersces kelly does for a 30 seconds 1 mnutes .
      4. why kelly starret has no mobility for lower back ?
      thank very much sorry for bad english .

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      some comments:

      1. generally the standard is to hold a mobilization for 2 minutes (stretching is generally defined as something different than what we do here).  you can hold for more, like up to 10 minutes. you may also feel good effects in much less time, like 15-30 seconds. the recommendation is to do these mobilizations at least once every day, and if you have time, do them multiple times a day for areas that are restricted. keep in mind that some mobilization and smashing work can create trauma, so the guide is that something generally should feel better, not worse after mobilizing or smashing. if it does feel worse, back off and check the next day, and/or back off on the pressure or amount of time, or use a softer tool until you adapt somewhat. then increase time/pressure/hardness of tool as you adapt.
      2. is that the DB/KB stretch that is lying down? can you point me to the one that you are referring to?
      3. it can take as a little as a day to release something, or it can take many months. some areas will require you to think about the other 23 hours of the day to really make a change, like shoulders that are rolled forward which will only be fully addressed if you also think about what you’re doing at your computer, driving, looking at smartphone, etc. the amount of time it takes depends a lot on the problem itself: how long have you had it, how severe a problem it is, how your body position/posture is in the other 23 hours of the day, etc.
      4. there are smashes for the lower back, and some mobilizations which will affect the lower back since all of them address the body as a system and not just in one place on the body. my favorite is the supernova on the QLs. 
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      AvatarChad Thorpe

      wow !

      i really thankful!!
      1. some say that stretch more than 30 second can cause injury doesnt it right ? do u mean to stretch 2 minutes to every stretch (band stretch regular stretch etc… ?
      2. yes this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0Elx93duAA 1:50 in the video . should i push my shoulder backward or forward anyway it dfoes nothing for me maybe i do it wrong 
      3.i have seen in the video of kelly starret he fix problem in a 2 minutes u see result  does it not the case ?
      4.there are so many mobility exersices from alot of people and i am lost , can i do only kelly starret exersices mobility only ? before and after workout ?
      thank very much !! 
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      Sounds like a situation where you need help from someone else.
      You have have something else going on.
      Is there a coach your can have help you? Or a friend?
      You’ve tried to address it on your own and aren’t seeing improvement.
      There are a couple reasons for this.
      You aren’t addressing the cause of the problem, you may not be doing the best mobilizations for what you are working on, you may or may not be doing them correctly. The situation didn’t happen in a day so its going to take time to improve.
      Where you see the issue may not be where the issue originates.
      How many times a day are you working on it?
      Shorter sessions more often throughout the day help especially in the beginning.
      Minimum of 2:00 to see change. This is a minimum you may need longer with certain things and if it is an issue you have had for some time.
      Mobility and stretching are not the same thing.
      Minimum of 2:00 for each mob in problem areas.
      Until you see change or until you stop seeing change.
      Lasting change with a problem area will take more than 2:00 in some cases.
      Some are ok to do before a workout some as post wod lonly.

      What is your standing and sitting positions like?

      Yes, there is alot of MWODs and it can be confusing. It is important that you have a working foundation in the terms used, equipment, and techniques. You can start from Episode 1 which is a good way to start. You’ll see each aspect as it was introduced to the Project.
      I would recommend watching the webinar The Athletic Shoulder: Anatomy, Physiology & Function for more information on how the shoulder works and how to start looking at shoulder function.
      There are episodes that hit the low back
      Pro Episode # 43 – Pro user Request Friday: Snatch, Sotts & Torque
      Pro Episode #17 – Down Stream Of The Over-Extended Athlete: “Spondy” and Training

      Pro Episode #16 – The Dreaded Low Back Pump Out

      Low Back Ache, Back Pain – Quick Test | Community Video
      Episode 168: Simple Recipes for Fighting Common Back Pain

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      AvatarChad Thorpe

      thank u very much kaitlin ,

      has i said i am working every day i didnt do 2 minutes per exersices i have done something around 30 seconds to one minute 
      can u answer on my last questions ? i didnt get clearly answer 
      2. yes this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0Elx93duAA 1:50 in the video . should i push my shoulder backward or forward 
      4.i have pain in my left legs left to knee  where is the connection between the calf  i feel it when i stretch my it band only  what exersice can treat it ?
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      You need to do more than 1 session a day.
      Your body needs the reminders on positioning.
      Breaking a bad habit and making changes in positioning/technique is work and it is hard at times.
      At 1:50 it is the first part of the set up.
      Once the kettlebell is in raised and and your elbow is blocked externally rotate your arm.

      The stretch on the link is an ab stretch not a low back stretch.
      Pro Episode # 35 – MWod Pro-User Request Friday: The IT Band Primer

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      hey tamir123, sorry got busy but now i’m back.

      first, starting with mobilitywod can be tough. i wrote this for another post and thought you might find this useful:
      I can feel for you.  When I started going through the material, it was daunting. In fact, it still is as more gets added each day. And then, as my PT likes to tell me, year over year the philosophies can change (like Kstarr’s stance on icing, where it’s promoted in his early videos and not in his later ones).  But yet those videos are still up! Dang it!

      Here’s my suggestion for a template on shortening the process:

      1. Get Becoming A Supple Leopard.  Watch some of the early videos as Kaitlin suggests, Episode 1 and 2.  

      2. I would definitely spring for at least a month of access to watch the webinars as Kaitlin suggests. They also give you a sense for the problem areas on most athletes.  once your understanding increases, your ability to address problems increase.

      3. I would then go into BSL and read the early chapters 1,2,3,4.  pay attention to the various tests there, like deep squat and evaluating external and internal rotation at the shoulders and hips.  try some of those.  are there any that you cannot do?  if so, then work on that.  that can give you a start on identifying which areas can be improved, even if you have no visible problems now.

      4. get a lacrosse ball, supernova, gemini, voodoo bands, rogue fitness bands green and black.  use these in your mobs to improve those areas you want to improve. select a test like a deep squat that you want to improve. use mobs for those areas. after each mob, get up and test the squat again. if improved, keep going to next mob. stop, get up and test again, etc. etc.  it can take days/weeks to achieve the full ROM in a given test or it might take an hour.

      5. you can also use mobs to see if you need to work on an area. i often go down into banded distraction hip openers, only to find that i don’t have any significant corners to release. so i don’t hold those for 2 minutes but quickly move to the next mob.

      6. are you into a certain sport? there are videos that pertain to certain sports. that can also speed up the process by getting you to focus on a given area(s).

      yes there is a lot. i would slowly work into it. it’s all very interesting when you start digging in. and yes it is kinda overwhelming in the beginning.  

      if you live near a good mobilitywod trained PT or movement specialist, they can show you what a process looks like live.  i did some sessions with Roop and it was awesome watching how he evaluates and goes through the process.  i also video the session so i can go back and review later.
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      your questions:

      2. yes this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0Elx93duAA 1:50 in the video . should i push my shoulder backward or forward 

      i am not sure what direction you mean by backward or forward. you should activate your lat and try to pull the shoulder towards your feet as you raise it up and not let the shoulder move towards the head. once it is in good position, then you should let the shoulder drop slowly towards the floor as the weight of the kettlebell pushes it down, and your muscles fatigue to let it happen.

      as kaitlin said, this will stretch your front lower torso muscles, not those in back.  

      i would think that smashing the lower back muscles with a lacrosse ball or supernova should be enough. 

      4.i have pain in my left legs left to knee  where is the connection between the calf  i feel it when i stretch my it band only  what exersice can treat it ?

      can you be more specific? sorry your english is hard to understand…!
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      AvatarChad Thorpe

      ty very very much David Shen ,

      i have all the stuff kelly starret use in his most video (lacross ball rumble roller  3 kinds of band and more …)
       1. should i stretch my abs ?
      it is happening when i try to sit crossed legs ,
      i think it has happended because of overstretching but i dont know what to do now .
      3 i didnt know that i should do this shoulder mobility this way ty very much !
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      AvatarChad Thorpe

      what about my pain ?

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      Feeding more slack to the system will start to address the pain.
      Pain is telling you something is wrong and has been wrong as pain is a logging indicator.
      It may be something that needs to get checked out to see exactly what is going.

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      AvatarChad Thorpe


      anything i can do ?
      i dont want to stop stretching now but it make it pain 
      so anything i can do to heal it faster ?
      i just got another question :):
      when i put the resistance band between my hip it make me Purple signs in this area because it is very hurt , does Jeans will help becuase it is very hurt as u may know 
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      You should not have jeans on when doing mobility work.
      The material of the jeans is not the best for doing this type of work and jeans can restrict movement.
      Wear shorts or workout pants.
      You may not be placing the band correctly.
      Not seeing what you are doing can’t tell you what needs to be changed with the band placement.

      As you work with your mobility and positioning is corrected you will have more space to move because you’ll be in correct positioning and not making compensations up/down stream of the problem area.

      Full recovery, good nutrition, sleeping patterns all impact tissue/tendon health.

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      AvatarChad Thorpe

      can u please let david answer me ?

      u just say what i do wrong and explain alot of stuff that i didnt ask ,
      u dont say what i should do , (where to put the band for example)
      please david helped me well 
      ty kaitlin and sorry 
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      hey tamir123, for the record, kaitlin’s descriptions are clear to me but then I’ve been around these forums for a while now. the language we use is all part of the MWOD vocabulary and you should try to learn it to better understand the ideas we’re trying to get across. it may take some time though – took me many years! just be patient and it will happen.

      maybe i’ll reset this a bit and start with pain.  what kind of pain is it? if it’s significant pain, then you should go to a professional to get that pain removed. if it’s just annoying, then maybe we can help you here. generally we should be helping you only when you get to be pain free, but people have many different definitions of pain. 
      but let’s say you feel some “twinge” of pain when you do movement in that area near the outside knee but it’s not the level of pain which stops you from doing anything or shows that you have a serious injury.
      then i would do what kaitlin suggests – work a ball – personally i like a bigger ball like supernova or alpha ball for around the legs – down the side (lateralis, IT band), front (quads, rectus femoris), back (hamstrings, glutes), and inside (adductors). you can use a battlestar as well – generally i have found that foam rollers have a diameter that is too large and doesn’t focus enough pressure in any one point. see if you can remove some of the restrictions – “feed slack into the system” – does the pain go away when you repeat the movement that causes pain?  
      as kaitlin says, i wouldn’t wear jeans but workout clothes where you have freedom of movement.  
      i would use a lesser strength band if the purple band is causing some sores where it’s placed. i think you can also lay a towel under it if you really want, but generally when i use bands, i don’t get any kind of rubbing or burns where the band is placed. it should just pull the joint away when properly placed and there shouldn’t be rubbing of the skin when used.  
      you may consider just not doing anything for a while until your pain goes away. yes it sucks, but you may need to just take time off if you strained something, which can happen even during MWOD mobilizations.
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      AvatarChad Thorpe

      i can do everything without pain  it isnot hard pain ,

      only when i try to sit crossed legs i feel it ,
      ty very much david !!!
      so is it common to get strained in the body wheil peforming mwod mobilization ? coz it is happend to me sometime and i feel like i have bad genetic coz of it 
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      you can overdo any of the smashes and mobilizations in MWOD and either strain something or cause too much trauma to the tissue and it can be more sore than less.  pain is a good measure – you always should be less sore after a smash/mobilization than more. 

      and you don’t have to stick to the rule of 2 minutes. sometimes you can see good enough change in only 15-30 seconds.  or the area may be so sensitive that you can’t really work it too long. it may be better in that instance to do many shorter sessions during the day than one super long one.  that will give time for your tissues and your nervous system to recover. 
      what i mean by nervous system recovery is that it could be reacting in a protective mode to the smashing and mobilizations and may not let you relax enough to let change happen. smashing contracted muscle in protection mode is only going to make things worse. you need to also let your nervous system adapt to the smash/mobs so that tissue will have more lasting change.
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      AvatarChad Thorpe

      ty very much david !

      i just a normal man and i have a job i dont have all my life to stretch only once every day in the evening .
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