AvatarRichard Stokes

Hi! I have had some recent problems with my sciatic nerve and I am not sure if this is what could be bothering you. About 4 months ago I strained my hamstring and once that healed I started feeling inflammation with my nerve. So I am wondering if this could be your problem as well! Do you know at what point it started hurting? or if you performed a certain exercise? Deadift/goodmorning type? I am a personal trainer and have simply been going to PT for the deep massage because she can get at my nerve really well, which would obviously help if that is what is wrong with you hip as well. I have tried the marcpro and although it helped my hamstring it didn’t really get my nerve. The simple deep massage and icing helped me more than anything else. Sticking to rehabilitative exercises for the hamstring is key as well. Sadly staying away from weights for a bit. 

I know for myself personally there have been some videos on this site and have helped me a fair amount and I have been very good about icing, and stretching often. If it is a nerve problem that could be why it is taking so long to recover and why it may “inflame” again when you jumped back to it! I would recommend going slow and essentially figuring out what makes it feel good and what irritates it. I have attached links below to videos on mwod that have helped me. 
This simply feels good and helped me open my hips a fair amount

I would recommend trying all of the moves that Kelly goes over here, especially the flossing w/lacrosse ball. 

I know stretching my glutes via pidgeon pose, etc has helped me a lot. Also using banded distractions to stretch the hamstring. 

I hope I can help in some capacity!