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      AvatarLDCert TestDelete

      Hello everyone, brand new to the site and unfortunatly here because I cannot seem to get to the bottom of an issue I have been dealing with for about 6 months. Quick recap, 6′ 3″ 200lb 42 year old crossfitter of 4 years with a level 1 and small amounts of coaching experience. Over the last 6 months I have developed a constant very annoying back pain around the SI joint whenever sitting in my car or sitting in a chair. It feels Ok when lying down or standing up. It is never a sharp needle pain or somehting that makes me want to fall down but an intense dull pain that goes into my hip area. I also have a tender hamstring where it inserts into my glute area. lacrossball, rumble roller, stick, ice, heat, streching, chiro, acupuncture and Marc Pro have all been tried with some success but the problem continues. I have taken 1-2 weeks off but after starting back up it comes back quickly. I have not had an MRI yet as that will be the last thing I do. Please ask questions, looking for any ideas.  Feel like giving up on this it is so frustrating!!!

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      AvatarRichard Stokes

      Hi! I have had some recent problems with my sciatic nerve and I am not sure if this is what could be bothering you. About 4 months ago I strained my hamstring and once that healed I started feeling inflammation with my nerve. So I am wondering if this could be your problem as well! Do you know at what point it started hurting? or if you performed a certain exercise? Deadift/goodmorning type? I am a personal trainer and have simply been going to PT for the deep massage because she can get at my nerve really well, which would obviously help if that is what is wrong with you hip as well. I have tried the marcpro and although it helped my hamstring it didn’t really get my nerve. The simple deep massage and icing helped me more than anything else. Sticking to rehabilitative exercises for the hamstring is key as well. Sadly staying away from weights for a bit. 

      I know for myself personally there have been some videos on this site and have helped me a fair amount and I have been very good about icing, and stretching often. If it is a nerve problem that could be why it is taking so long to recover and why it may “inflame” again when you jumped back to it! I would recommend going slow and essentially figuring out what makes it feel good and what irritates it. I have attached links below to videos on mwod that have helped me. 
      This simply feels good and helped me open my hips a fair amount

      I would recommend trying all of the moves that Kelly goes over here, especially the flossing w/lacrosse ball. 

      I know stretching my glutes via pidgeon pose, etc has helped me a lot. Also using banded distractions to stretch the hamstring. 

      I hope I can help in some capacity! 
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      AvatarLDCert TestDelete

      Thanks Chris for the quick response. 

      I do think there is some involment of the sciatic nerve in my issue but also think something more mechanical is causing it.  I really don’t recall a specific movment only that I started to slowly notice a dull pain in my SI joint area when sitting in my car which radiated into my upper glute. It gets worse after a heavier lifting day of any type of squats or wod with squatting movments in them for higher reps. 

      One thing that did to imflame the situtation is that I was doing some high volume rowing on a daily basis for a 3 month window this winter.  I have since backed off that completly but I’m afraid the damage has been done.

      The crazy thing is it doesnt really hurt durning the workout or while squatting but afterwords or the next day my entire right lower back/hip area tightens up like a vice and it really comes out when in a sitting position.  I have tried most of the mobility items you listed above but maybe I need to stick with one that I feel works the best on a more consisitant basis.  The nerve flossing with the lacross ball did seem to help more than some others.  I also am starting some agressive deep tissue massage with a PT in my hip/back/ham area tomorrow.  That is something I have not tried yet.  Basically, my glute feels like a bowling ball and nothing I do seems to get it to relax.  I would die for a 1 hour function movement session with one of Kelly’s co-workers or the man himself.  Maybe I need to figure out a way to plan a work trip out to California in the near future.  Stuck here in Central Illinois with not a lot of good PT or mobility professionals around.

      Again, thanks and I will try some of these out and let the board know how its going.


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      AvatarAlyssa Short

      Hi BKIllini,
      I had the same problem for the better part of four years, seeing various MDs (primary care, Neurologists, Orthopedic doctors, and Surgeons), physical therapists, and chiropractors. The MD’s had said my left SI Joint was hypermobile. I have had only one chiropractor along the way who would give me an adjustment that would provide instantaneous relief, however it would not last more than a day or two.

      Finally, a year ago, I found a physical therapist, who gave me the most thorough evaluation I have ever had. He said that the joint was actually Hypomobile, and was stuck in a misaligned state due to the jagged nature of the iliac and sacral surfaces, which comprise the joint. He then used Muscle Energy techniques to realign my SI joints, my T and L spines (apparently having on SI joint out of whack for years messes a bunch of other stuff up upstream), and correct a leg length discrepancy. The technique uses your own muscle contractions with the legs positioned in various ways, sometimes against light resistance from the therapist, to realign and restore mobility to joints. Right after my first visit, my SI joints maintained their alignment and left me pain-free and feeling like I had felt immediately before I had done that last deadlift rep, which injured me 4 years ago. Now I still had some mobility issues that weren’t addressed, but I used Starrett’s videos and his book to help correct them, and I feel I have made major strides in that area as well.

      I’m assuming the therapists that you have seen were like those I saw (before the last one that fixed me up) and only gave you a bunch of stretching and/or strengthening exercises, without paying much attention to alignment or gait issues. I’d encourage you to find one who utilizes Manual Osteopathic Techniques and Muscle Energy to correct low back/pelvic girdle dysfunctions.

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      AvatarVeronica Gordon

      Hi Darshan!

      Do you know exactly what it was called what your PT has done?
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      BKIllini, it sounds to me that you may have a partially herniated disc(s) near the pelvis, maybe L5/S1 or one of the ones above it.  When you stand up, the bulge may be pointing in a direction that does not aggravate any nerves. But if you sit down improperly, then you feel it.  I would definitely go to a clinician and have it checked out. You do not want to work out and have it herniate in which case the recovery would be MUCH longer.

      now my guess on what’s aggravating it is poor pelvis position when you sit.  It could be posteriorly tilted and your lumbar spine rounded when you sit, putting pressure on all those discs down there. 
      Try these videos:

      you should look to mobilize the hips and gain control of your pelvis such that you have enough mobility and pelvic movement control to “roll” the pelvis forward into a more anterior tilt when you sit.
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