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AvatarNathan Richer

BKIllini, it sounds to me that you may have a partially herniated disc(s) near the pelvis, maybe L5/S1 or one of the ones above it.  When you stand up, the bulge may be pointing in a direction that does not aggravate any nerves. But if you sit down improperly, then you feel it.  I would definitely go to a clinician and have it checked out. You do not want to work out and have it herniate in which case the recovery would be MUCH longer.

now my guess on what’s aggravating it is poor pelvis position when you sit.  It could be posteriorly tilted and your lumbar spine rounded when you sit, putting pressure on all those discs down there. 
Try these videos:

you should look to mobilize the hips and gain control of your pelvis such that you have enough mobility and pelvic movement control to “roll” the pelvis forward into a more anterior tilt when you sit.