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Thanks Chris for the quick response. 

I do think there is some involment of the sciatic nerve in my issue but also think something more mechanical is causing it.  I really don’t recall a specific movment only that I started to slowly notice a dull pain in my SI joint area when sitting in my car which radiated into my upper glute. It gets worse after a heavier lifting day of any type of squats or wod with squatting movments in them for higher reps. 

One thing that did to imflame the situtation is that I was doing some high volume rowing on a daily basis for a 3 month window this winter.  I have since backed off that completly but I’m afraid the damage has been done.

The crazy thing is it doesnt really hurt durning the workout or while squatting but afterwords or the next day my entire right lower back/hip area tightens up like a vice and it really comes out when in a sitting position.  I have tried most of the mobility items you listed above but maybe I need to stick with one that I feel works the best on a more consisitant basis.  The nerve flossing with the lacross ball did seem to help more than some others.  I also am starting some agressive deep tissue massage with a PT in my hip/back/ham area tomorrow.  That is something I have not tried yet.  Basically, my glute feels like a bowling ball and nothing I do seems to get it to relax.  I would die for a 1 hour function movement session with one of Kelly’s co-workers or the man himself.  Maybe I need to figure out a way to plan a work trip out to California in the near future.  Stuck here in Central Illinois with not a lot of good PT or mobility professionals around.

Again, thanks and I will try some of these out and let the board know how its going.