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AvatarTyler Lindon

I struggle with this as well and the magic bullet for me was the chiropractor.  If one of your hips is hypermobile, chances are the other one is stuck.  A chiropractor can get it moving again.  Also, I’d be willing to bet you have something stuck in the thoracic as well since the sacrum at the bottom is disfunctional, it will translate up the spine. 

For me, I’ve had to focus on opening up the tight hip, specifically the ilio-psoas.  It helps to have a super friend dig in there while you can relax that area.  I still can not get a good stretch in there by myself due to the hips always being in a bad position… the musculature refuses to relax. 
The other big key is to stop sitting so much.  If you are like me, you can’t even get into a proper standing position, but don’t let that stop you from getting on your feet and moving around all day if possible.  After 4 months of playing whack a mole, the chiro has pushed the reset button and allowed what was once stuck, to become mobile where I couldn’t do it myself.