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      AvatarYohan Lavie

      So, I can post a video if needed, but I’m dealing with a multitude of issues.

      According to one PT, my left leg is short due to tight musculature. My left spinal erector is overdeveloped compared to the right and at the very bottom of a heavy squat, my left hip will “sag” lower than my right and it will cause a pinching motion on my right side between my ribs and hip. The PT said this is a lack of torque occurring in the left hip.
      What is the best way to correct this movement pattern and unglue my tight hips?
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      If your left leg is short is from tight musculature that is something you can address yourself.
      There are several episodes that address tight hips.
      Sounds like this is where you will see the biggest change so address this first.
      Start with these:
      Super Sumo Groin Mob
      Episode 328: Better Surfing MWod & Protecting Your Back From Over Extension
      Episode 91: Mobilize In the Position of Death by Chair
      Episdoe 23: Runner’s Legs
      The spinal erector on the left is over developed because it is making a compensation for the difference in length within the system. Your left hip is making a compensation in position to create slack for you to get to the bottom position in a squat.
      The pinching on your right side could be caused by the imbalances on the left side. You are not able to create the needed torque on the left side because of the compensation in position with your sagging left hip.

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      AvatarTyler Lindon

      I struggle with this as well and the magic bullet for me was the chiropractor.  If one of your hips is hypermobile, chances are the other one is stuck.  A chiropractor can get it moving again.  Also, I’d be willing to bet you have something stuck in the thoracic as well since the sacrum at the bottom is disfunctional, it will translate up the spine. 

      For me, I’ve had to focus on opening up the tight hip, specifically the ilio-psoas.  It helps to have a super friend dig in there while you can relax that area.  I still can not get a good stretch in there by myself due to the hips always being in a bad position… the musculature refuses to relax. 
      The other big key is to stop sitting so much.  If you are like me, you can’t even get into a proper standing position, but don’t let that stop you from getting on your feet and moving around all day if possible.  After 4 months of playing whack a mole, the chiro has pushed the reset button and allowed what was once stuck, to become mobile where I couldn’t do it myself.
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      AvatarSean Connelly


      It’s difficult to be precise with these sorts of things without seeing you in person but here are some general ideas.

      1.  On the left side explore your hip flexors.  Rectus femoris, psoas, tensor fascia latae.  Google em.  Mobilize em.  Couch stretch is a good start.  Bias the hip.  Make sure your butt is on or you’ll default to an overextension pattern.  Also, check out your left quadratus lumborum (QL) Kelly has posted about this a few times in the last few weeks.

      2.  Explore your extensors on the right.  Check out those hammies and adductors.  Remember when you mobilize those puppies that they are 3D, not planar.  Find the angles that show you Jesus.

      Hope that helps.

      Rob Wilson, CMT CF Lvl 2

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      AvatarSean Connelly


      One more thing, get the hip joint mobile.  Check out some videos with lateral and especially posterior band distraction.

      Rob Wilson

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      AvatarBrad Miller

      literally i have the EXACT problem

      feel it bite the hardest on the right during kettlebell windmills
      right hammie and adductors are constantly brutally cramping and being injured
      left erectors are HUGE(right are almost non existent), hip flexors tight as a drum which makes my hip clunk when i walk, and i can hardly turn on my left glute in a couch stretch
      Im programming to fix the issues RIGHT NOW!
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      AvatarAlexandre Champagne

      If one of the above people who was dealing with this problem has since fixed it, could you please let me knew what ended up working best. I am having the same problem. Thanks.

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