Thanks for the reply. 
I have watched two episodes and have started implementing those exercises.  My feet have really only bothered me twice in my 7 years of CrossFitting – the first time was the result of an injury which caused plantar fasciitis. It took me about 6 months to get my feet back to normal with the use of several practices including my chiropractor, stretching, rolling my feet with a frozen water bottle, using a golf ball, the torture sock to wear while sleeping, and custom orthotic inserts. I’ve been pretty much completely fine for several years since then. Most recently, I realize my shoes are old so I got new shoes (but ended up buying shoes with support – not as much as before – but with an insert), I signed up for MWod 🙂 and also am putting into place the stretching exercises I’ve found here. I also have started paddleboarding and doing that barefooted kills my feet. 🙁 I don’t want to wear shoes for that but may have to. The paddleboarding has caused a little flareup as well. 
I did not get more pain after implementing the exercises – in fact, those have made it better already after only a few days. 
As far as differences in my training – my box follows the Icon Athlete programming by Chris Spealler. We have three programs to pick from: “lifestyle”, “competition” or “strength”. I am doing the Strength programming. But I do wear OLY shoes when lifting. 
Thanks for your feedback!