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      AvatarJames Simpson

      I’m new here 🙂 Did a search but not finding what I’m looking for.  Been CrossFitting for 7 years. I’ve got incredibly flat feet which brought me to MWod today. I’ve watched Kelly’s videos in the past but my box has the RomWod subscription – but I joined MWod tonight and immediately went to the Rebuilding Your Feet series and one of the ones specifically addressing flat feet.  Kelly mentioned wearing very flat shoes which is completely against everything I’ve ever read. I usually go to a speciality shoe store and he fits me in shoes with a ton of support.  So if we should be using flat shoes – which shoes are recommended? Anyone have any feedback for me on this? My feet have just started bothering me and I’ve got a competition in 4 weeks so I’m a little freaked out. I don’t want my feet to get any worse. 

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Great to hear you watched the Rebuilding Your Feet Series and Pro Episode #3 The Flat Feet Solution.
      Good to hear you CrossFit.

      Wearing flat shoes makes your feet make the correction vs the shoe making the correction.
      You’ll move to a lower profile shoe in stages. You are use to having alot of support so you’ll scale that back in stages.
      There are exercises to strengthen your feet which can help build an arch. It takes some time.
      Have you had exposure to these exercises?

      When did your feet start bothering you?
      Was it after beginning to implement some of the exercises from the episodes?
      If so, it is from beginning to use parts of your foot which haven’t been used before or used as much before.

      Are you wearing different shoes?
      Any differences in your training? Increased volume or new aspects in training?

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      AvatarJames Simpson


      Thanks for the reply. 
      I have watched two episodes and have started implementing those exercises.  My feet have really only bothered me twice in my 7 years of CrossFitting – the first time was the result of an injury which caused plantar fasciitis. It took me about 6 months to get my feet back to normal with the use of several practices including my chiropractor, stretching, rolling my feet with a frozen water bottle, using a golf ball, the torture sock to wear while sleeping, and custom orthotic inserts. I’ve been pretty much completely fine for several years since then. Most recently, I realize my shoes are old so I got new shoes (but ended up buying shoes with support – not as much as before – but with an insert), I signed up for MWod 🙂 and also am putting into place the stretching exercises I’ve found here. I also have started paddleboarding and doing that barefooted kills my feet. 🙁 I don’t want to wear shoes for that but may have to. The paddleboarding has caused a little flareup as well. 
      I did not get more pain after implementing the exercises – in fact, those have made it better already after only a few days. 
      As far as differences in my training – my box follows the Icon Athlete programming by Chris Spealler. We have three programs to pick from: “lifestyle”, “competition” or “strength”. I am doing the Strength programming. But I do wear OLY shoes when lifting. 
      Thanks for your feedback!
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Is there improvement within what you are experiencing?

      So there are a few things going on.
      .Individually they may be small changes, however, the cumulative impact of doing them at the same time maybe alot for your feet/body to buffer.

      As you are breaking in new shoes there can be some disruption. As you noted there is less support in the new pair. Parts of your feet may be working more then they have worked in the past. This can cause some discomfort. If you are only wearing this pair of shoes when training wear them when you are home to help ease the transition.

      Implementing the foot exercises can have different parts of your foot active and doing the work which have not been active (or active to that degree) in the past. As you are working with these exercises your feet will get stronger. They shouldn’t cause pain.

      Paddleboarding upped the demands on your feet and throughout the system.
      Higher demands and new demands across the amount of time you were doing it. Your foot must be active and your foot is making the corrections. Smaller doses of time can help this.
      After a session spending some time addressing your feet can help.

      Oly shoes for snatch and clean &jerk is fine as this is what they are designed for.

      Changes in programming can place different demands on the body based on the focus of the training. Doesn’t sound like your training has changed.

      Having more awareness with potential impacting factors will help as your feet get stronger and you are doing new activities.

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