AvatarDan Strasky

Feb 2014 had TKR right knee, 6  weeks later MUA, didn’t produce results. For the next 7 months continued with PT 3-5 days a week and still couldn’t get past 80degrees flexion and very, very poor extension. Found new Ortho bottom line the spacer on tibia component was to large and knee would have never gotten better. Sept, 2014 had revision to change spacer to correct size. Continued with PT 3 days a week until June 2015. At that point i gave up and stopped PT. Knee had gotten much worse, no extension and back to 80 degrees flexion. Come to fine out I scar very quickly. Back pain, hip pain started had special sneaker mad to even my feet out. Awful, awful way to live. Ballooned to 195 from 165. depressed etc. Finally convinced Doc to take another look. March this year had revision of revision with TKN as well as radiation of supra patella and amniotic membrane therapy. Finally after 2 plus years I can walk. Problem is I developed issues , such as hip hikes descending stairs and external rotate foot automatically. looking for help for stopping external rotation and hiking hip.