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      AvatarEd Valko

      When standing, squatting, walking down stairs etc. My right foot is turned out at all times. 

      What could be some reasons for this? Anyone know good Mobs to get my feet facing forward? thanks
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      AvatarDaniel Lugn

      Take it with a grain of salt, but my understanding is duck feet (outward turned feet) is a lack of internal rotation in the hips and the hips being pulled into external rotation. I have this slightly in both feet and have been using this technique to improve it (with good results after a couple weeks) and a few of the ones outlined in Becoming a Supple Leopard.


      Again I am no expert by any stretch, but working on my hip internal rotation helped me.

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      Have you spent any time making a conscious effort to have your feet straightish?
      Being more aware of your positioning and changing it when it is incorrect is a good place to start.
      Do you have restriction in your ankle, feet, or hip?
      Hip internal rotation is one place to start.
      Here are some others to take a look at.
      Episode 343: Stop Walking Like the Duck You Aren’t
      Squat Quick Test: Is it Tight Ankles or Tight Hips? | Community Video
      Pro Episode # 38 – MWod Pro-User Request Friday: Femurs Straight, But Feet Ducked? The MWOD Approach

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      AvatarMichael Harker

      I see this all the time in our PT clinic, and 99% of the time it’s the right foot. I have an unproven theory about that: Maybe driving with your right foot externally rotated all the time has something to do with it. Next time you have your foot on the gas pedal, check out your foot position. Maybe driving with straight feet will help. (It worked for me.) Smashing the glute medius and squatting with neutral feet should also help, as will developing stance awareness, as Kaitlin suggested.

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      Avatar[email protected]

      I think I cleaned up my internal rotation, but I still have a wod of tissue high hip/tfl area that won’t go away.  My test is the wall squat with back on the floor.   I need to do goalie stretch with band And then hip internal rotation to clean it up. 

      I think everybody should find out where their femor needs to go.  I think mine should go to the side of the socket and then back.  I dunno — just thinking out loud.  
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      AvatarChris Montanaro

      I have to agree with KEN ROSE on this one–I have found this to be the case not only with myself but with countless others I have observed. Driving is the worst! Take care to place the heel correctly and it will help out a bit, but of course further work outlined by others will be needed as well.

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey, Cessig32. There is also the possibility that you have true tibial torsion (meaning the skeletal structure of your right lower leg is a little twisted).

      It’s probably more likely that it’s a mobility / movement habit thing, but if your efforts to unwind this turned-out foot from the hip don’t go so well you might consider having a PT (or other professional) check it for you.

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      AvatarDan Strasky

      Feb 2014 had TKR right knee, 6  weeks later MUA, didn’t produce results. For the next 7 months continued with PT 3-5 days a week and still couldn’t get past 80degrees flexion and very, very poor extension. Found new Ortho bottom line the spacer on tibia component was to large and knee would have never gotten better. Sept, 2014 had revision to change spacer to correct size. Continued with PT 3 days a week until June 2015. At that point i gave up and stopped PT. Knee had gotten much worse, no extension and back to 80 degrees flexion. Come to fine out I scar very quickly. Back pain, hip pain started had special sneaker mad to even my feet out. Awful, awful way to live. Ballooned to 195 from 165. depressed etc. Finally convinced Doc to take another look. March this year had revision of revision with TKN as well as radiation of supra patella and amniotic membrane therapy. Finally after 2 plus years I can walk. Problem is I developed issues , such as hip hikes descending stairs and external rotate foot automatically. looking for help for stopping external rotation and hiking hip. 

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