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AvatarZoey Dowling

Thank you Jeanette, that’s something that I will definitely have to try!

Kaitlin, sorry about that, I probably should have been a little more detailed. What I meant was when I try to foam , basically I can get on the foam roller and go up and down slowly, but I can’t pressure wave or tack and floss very much because the muscle feels so tight that it feels kind of like I am entering the “pain cave”. I haven’t had anyone film it or anything because no one is typically at the gym when I go because of the extremely late or early times that I am able to go. I am pressed for time sometimes whenever I do my mobility work before the gym so I honestly may not be spending enough time doing it. I feel my tight legs could be a result to having to stand for 8-10 a day at my job. Any advice on what to do to unglue or undo anything from standing all day? My hips seem to have a large amount of tightness so I always have a lot of trouble getting them to open up.