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AvatarAydan Mcmahon

If it hurts too much with your current roller, get something softer.  I am a big fan of the yoga tune up balls, myself.  The two balls together are just the right size and squish to keep the pain manageable.  Move to harder rolling devices after you can handle the soft ones.

You can use the balls to get the front of the hip just under the bone as well.  For the rest of the psoas, see the gut smashing mob.  If you don’t have a soft ball kicking around the house, I have used a cushion on top of a soft foam roller or just a rolled up cushion or ball of towels.  It’s better than nothing.

For the scapula,start with your t-spine if you haven’t already
Then add some freestlying on the scapula and everything around it
I like lay with the ball right in the middle of my scapula and do snow angel type motions a la the wisdom of Jill Miller. Do both sides, but feel free to spend more time on that tight left side.
Not entirely sure what to make of your leg issue.  Might be originating in your hips?