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AvatarSpencer Rudey

My GP usually just says to stop doing what im doing which is prob good advice lol
Just an update
Last night after watching Kellys video I gave that a go
I tried rolling a tennis ball on the hip flexor area
I just did it for 5-10 minutes and I was laying on a mattress too so I dont think i was doing much

I didn’t feel any immediate effect
But this morning I feel 100x beter
I can barely feel any tightness and I dont think I curled up as much when I slept
I layed straighter for the most part
So maybe by relaxing the hip area a bit it put less pressure on the whole muscle
And then sleeping a bit straighter just lengthened it out
And thats why I feel better right now
Its too early to tell so Ill let you know tommorrow if i really feel better or im just imagining it
Peace David D