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AvatarTyler Lindon

Very interested in how your story unfolds.  I’m faced with a similar problem and am addressing it with chiropractic care(L5 constantly twisted) along with a stiff cervical spine + orthotics.  I’m only in my first week and have noticed some pretty cool changes so far.  The plan is not to depend on orthotics but rather let them assist in creating balance while building some new neural pathways for muscles use.  All the smashing seems to be having a greater effect because the inserts allow my body to come off tension for most of the day giving those tissues a chance to repair, instead of turning back on full the moment I sit up, stand, walk, run, or do anything.

Unwinding the torsion is what I hope I’m doing.  In my opinion, this goes way beyond basic maintenance and into the realm of a “condition” that must be cured.  Your brain is going to win the battle for control and your neural net is probably as jacked as mine.