AvatarLonnie Arroyo

Wow thank you so much for all this knowledge I really appreciate it! 

I really do try to be conscious with the way I move and my posture at all times, its just tough when I feel so restricted in my range of motion
So if i need to spend more time in the bottom of my squat, is it alright if i turn my feet out to reach my maximum depth? and maybe hold onto a pole or use a band for counter balance? I cannot even get to parallel with straight feet. 
As for my tight hip flexors, I do the couch stretch multiple times a day and before bed i smash the psoas and quads (super painful and tight) with the supernova. Should I add anything else here?

I spend hours a day doing mobility and it gets frustrating not making progress. Any suggestions on an efficient daily routine I should focus on?

thanks again Kaitlin!